Mission Statement

The Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce supports economic diversity, encourages entrepreneurship, and endorses responsible, sustainable development to maintain Juneau’s high quality of life while advocating economic vitality for all of Alaska.


The purpose of the Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce is to develop, advance and promote the economic, industrial, commercial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Juneau area. The objective is to improve the business climate and make this community more prosperous, more ecologically attractive and more desirable as a place to work, live and shop.

In these pursuits, the Chamber seeks to provide leadership for political action on business issues and a forum for the exchange of member ideas.

In addition to the Board of Directors the Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce has, as its members, hundreds of diverse businesses, organizations, and individuals dedicated to improving and sustaining Juneau’s economy.

These dedicated civic leaders are part of a dynamic volunteer network that incorporates the Juneau Chamber’s committees, works with regulatory agencies, state and local government, and business professionals in maintaining Juneau’s high quality of life and economic diversity.

Please call or stop by if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the Chamber of Commerce. We have various resources on hand, including local business maps, directories, and membership forms.